Friday, November 7, 2008

Off The Bench, Into The Battle

Assalamualaikum and Hello,
My first entry on this blog will focus on the topic closest to my heart, politics in Malaysia,

After the results of the 12th General Elections, many joined the chorus of pre-empting UMNO's demise, rejoicing in what they saw as a long overdue 'lesson' to the party of government for the past 51 years of nationhood. Riddled with corruption, a feudalistic setting and an insular world-view, UMNO's poor electoral performance was seen as deserved.

But I believe, concurrently there were many individuals who still believed in the fundamental ideology of UMNO, despite all of the party's shortcomings in translating that ideology into action.
Leakages are not merely a matter in economics, it equally affects the manifestation of a struggle, and most would agree that that remains UMNO's biggest problem.

And this is why it is doubly important that UMNO-inclined young Malays who previously remained on the sidelines and fancied themselves as vocal armchair political analysts cum theorists need to rise up and contribute intensely into ensuring UMNO's long term viability. If
these men and women were truly sincere in the belief of UMNO's importance to the advancement of Malays and Malaysians, then they owe it to themselves to engage directly with UMNO towards a shared objective.

Moreover, the participation of young Malays in UMNO is timely as many of their peers have been lost to Opposition parties, especially PKR (PAS has always had its own base). However, UMNO still leads in terms of membership and its network in rural areas – the heartland of the
Malays – is far more established than that of the Opposition.

To be sure, it is also incumbent upon UMNO as an outfit to reach out and win over the hearts of the undecideds. Unfortunately, not all within UMNO seem to be aware of the urgency of this task. That said, a candidate for the post of UMNO Youth Head, Khairy Jamaluddin, appears
to be one of the few who acknowledges the need to capture the unconventional section of the Malay youth. It is also concerting that he accepts even those engagements need to be an educational experience for UMNO – it should never be a lecturing session on why UMNO is the
only party fit to represent Malays.

A party as great as UMNO will never go down without a fight, but it needs substantive change from within to survive, let alone remain in power. This is the party of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other heroes of our Independence. This is the party who despite being faced with multi-racial stakeholders, managed to fork out an intelligently crafted understanding later called the Social Contract, ensuring the fate of Malays remain protected until today. Despite all of its grand
achievements and contributions over the past 51 years, this is a party under siege; it needs YOU to chart its change.

Get off the bench.


Zuhri Aziz said...

Welcome to the blogging world bro. Nice first time entry, hope it will be better that the little pig's.

Dax Muhamad (Daxo) & Zuhri Aziz (Mando) said...

By the hair of my chinny chin chin.

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I’m french, and I don’t speak english very well … So, please, don’t laugh at me even if I say something stupid. I just wanted to say hello and welcome to cyber war!! go!!! go kj!!!!!

However, I really think you are a will be great politics-bloggers some day.. it’s like if you are the character himself when you act. I should stop talking, I don’t know if someone understand me when I speak english … _ But I would like to say that thanks to you I want … sorry, I MUST visit Off The Bench cos of
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